i like little updates like these. i also enjoy looking back at what i was up to, so, currently, i am:

watching: the office all the way through for the first time !! obsessed

listening to: werewolf by fiona apple. like on repeat, again and again. can’t stop. that, and regina spektor, endlessly.

reading: i am a huge book nerd. last year, i read seventy books. right now, it’s girl w the dragon tattoo. it’s only the first few chapters, so no definite thoughts on it have formed.

excited: to make a cake for my roommate/life coach’s engagement party later this weekend.

nervous about: the world.

wanting: to find 100$ i can spend w out thinking too hard. preferably at target.

happy that: …. will get back to you in that one. it has been a rough couple of days.

feel free to add yours!

here’s to the present




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