latest ink

last week, i arrived at my new favourite tattoo parlour for my appointment and sat comfortably for the afternoon while my artist artist and i made each other laugh, and ponder v deep thoughts while singing along to an extremely diverse playlist. i almost cried when he finished. i had gone in a few days before to brainstorm and am perfectly pleased w the outcome. 

it has always amazed me how differently mental and physical are treated. okay, long story short (bc i am already tired of the oncoming rant that usually follows this), i got a tattoo of a bouquet w ribbon saying “get well soon” around it. bc why the fuck can’t us mental illness sufferers get flowers or even balloons brought to cheer us up? i would settle for a card. i am realising that i have never gotten a card, not even during my darkest days. i hope i will someday, so until then, i will admire the bouquet from myself

the four flowers that i have and the meanings behind them (i know the symbolism in the floral language differs but these are the ones that i chose to focus on):

peonies for prosperity 

lillies of the valleys for increased happiness

gladioluses for strength of character 

queen anne’s lace for sanctuary 

and that about does it for my latest addition to my body. can’t stop staring. 

get well soon and don’t forget to send a card to your favourite person struggling w mental/invisible illnesses,