happy saturday! the weather reached eighty degrees today and i was at the farmers market before work so it’s been a p good day. 

currently, i am:

listening to: joanne by lady gaga. obsessed. 

watching: the office and anything funny to get the gut-wrenching after taste of 13 reasons why out of my system. i actually don’t know how i feel about it. i wanted to throw up, i sobbed, and haven’t been feeling too pleasant after watching it. v well done though! i applaud them for not glamorizing suicide. 

feeling: energized by the weather or the many shots of espresso i am slipping into my drinks. 

craving: another chile mocha, like the one from this morning at germack coffee. 

excited for: more trips to eastern market !! i went w my parents and we bought some lovely daffodils. 

baking: (or planning on it) nutella babka for my family tomorrow 

reading: one of my favourites from high school: mara, daughter of the nile. i am v pleased bc so far it’s exactly as i remember it, and glad it hasn’t disappointed me in that sense. you know how sometimes you turn back to something you’ve always loved, only to find it isn’t the same? not the case here. i couldn’t be happier about it. 

wanting: to go on vacation !! 

nervous about: my family wanting me to go to church w them for easter tomorrow. i haven’t been to church other than weddings or funerals in ages and i don’t know if i can do it. also going to jury duty monday. also everything. the news is a scary place to examine right now. 

that’s about all! what are you up to?